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To be always in your life..

okul sırası school desk masa tablası table top werzalite werzalit verzalite verzalit chair sandalye monoblok monoblock

From the past..

yilwer yilwer werzalit werzalite verzalit verzalite

Since 1972, we continue to serve by constantly developing and renewing. We have increased our production area to 70,000 square meters in order to increase our production capacity, product variety and quality by growing every year and adjusting the product variety according to the annual trends. We are now serving our valuable business partners by adding our plastic factory and recycling facility to the production of desks, table tops and chairs, which we specialize in. 

 We aim to create a brand new service concept for our valuable business partners with an easy-to-use, durable and wide product range. For this purpose, we develop and strengthen our corporate elements in this direction. We aim to develop our product range day by day, taking into account the perception of technology and comfort. In line with this goal, we bring quality to the forefront with our experience and employment of more qualified personnel. We are always working to be in your life.

okul sırası school desk table top masa tablası chair sandalye werzalite werzalit verzalite verzalit oturak arkalık seat backrest bank bench

To the future..

We all have time machines, right? memories that take us back... It dreams that carry us forward.
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